A New Page

I actually reserved the domain – and the inevitable glut of associated social media profiles – for this blog a little while ago now, but have spent a long time deliberating over how to get started, what my mission statement is, what my brand will look like.

In a way, I’m similar when I get a new notebook; enjoying the crisp newness of it all for a while. The virgin pages, and the cover not yet dogeared from being well-thumbed and lugged around in my handbag all the time. And yet, in the end, the decisive moment comes and I put pen to paper, perhaps out of sheer necessity or a flash of inspiration that I don’t want to go unrecorded.

Photo copyright See-ming Lee

Photo copyright See-ming Lee

A funny combination of both of these drivers hit me today. I realised that I need some form of creative outlet, as my everyday life doesn’t really allow for it, and I read this fantastic post by Poppy Dinsey about how she’s lost her way with blogging a bit, and could do with following her own oft-repeated advice about blogging for yourself.

I want to write again, about whatever takes my fancy. I don’t know what this is going to look like yet. Those who make money out of sites like this would say that to start without a clear vision is a sure-fire route to disaster, but then I don’t want to make money.

This isn’t a product, or a commodity. If people read it, then lucky me. If people like and engage with it, even better


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